Self -Driving Cars Could Be A Reality Says Sergey Brin.

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Speaking at a recent Silicon Valley Google Press Conference, Sergey Brin Google CEO, has spoken of his prediction for the future of self-driving cars and that Google testers will be upping their efforts and increase testing over the coming months. With the California State Senator and Governor on board this will be an area to [...]


New Comet Could Be Brighter Than the Full Moon Next Year

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Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) could turn out to be one to keep your eye (or for now, ‘scope) on. Discovered on 21st September in Russia by Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok at ISON, the International Scientific Optical Network, It’s orbital elements have been calculated and show that it is on a sun-grazing parabolic trajectory, getting as [...]

NASA Experiment Envisages Heat Shield Made From Martian / Lunar Soil

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Next week, NASA will be testing blocks of material that the properties of Lunar and Martian regolith, to see whether they could potentially be utilised as heat-shields for Earth re-entry.  Small blocks of the material were blasted with blowtorches, reaching 2,200°C on their ‘hot’ side – whilst keeping the ‘cold’ side at around 90°C.

What Next for Elon Musk? Vertical Takeoff Supersonic Passenger Aircraft, and the Mysterious Hyperloop

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In a fantastic article in Businessweek, Elon Musk – the founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors, and my favourite company in the world, SpaceX – has given some insight into what technological wonders he has whirling around in his head, waiting to be unleashed upon us in the future. He casually dropped this into the conversation: [...]

Martian Blueberries

Opportunity Blobs

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With all the hubbub surrounding NASA/JPL’s Curiosity rover, one could almost forget that it’s older and smaller predecessor, Opportunity, is still around and still doing science. Opportunity’s image analysts were left stumped the other day as the redoubtable rover returned images of strange